PRK vs. LASIK: Which is Right for You?

PRK vs. LASIK: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to PRK vs. LASIK, it’s best to do your research so that you can become educated about the benefits and drawbacks of each procedure.

Both vision improvement procedures involve minimal pain. This makes both LASIK and PRK comfortable for patients to endure. Out of the two procedures, the most commonly used method is LASIK. Below, we discuss some of the pros and cons of both PRK and LASIK surgery.


The LASIK procedure is a faster method with a shorter healing period than PRK. LASIK also requires very little post surgery care. If you are nearsighted, the LASIK will most likely be the best choice for you. If your vision is moderate you will probably be able to choose either procedure.

During the LASIK surgery, the surgeon uses an instrument called the microkeratome which helps the eye stay in place while proceeding. There will be at least a 5-6 hour discomfort during surgery. The cornea is being worked on throughout the surgery. Once completed, the microkeratome releases the eye lid to the normal position and finishing touches are in process.

One good pro about the Lasik procedure is there are no stiches are patches needed. An eye drop medicine may be given to you for the next week or so until your regular routine is resumed.

The term of the condition of your eyes is approximately 1-3 months.


The PRK procedure will include the similiar procedure. The top of the cornea is being exposed for the next 6 hours during the eye surgery. The pros are there are no needles or cuts taken place.

The surgeon takes every precaution with medications and contact lenses on the eye. This will prevent any type of infection or allergy to affect the eye. After about 2-4 days they are removed and your vision is more clear than before. The surgery is a success it will begin to heal immediately. Within about 3-4 months you will see a difference with your eyes.