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Natural Vision Correction – The Beginning

Natural Vision Correction – The Beginning

Many people have vision impairments. Glasses have been around for centuries to help improve and provide clearer vision. There are many that would prefer not to have to wear any type of corrective lenses or have surgery to correct vision problems. There is a method known as The Bates Method which is a form of natural vision correction.

William Bates pioneered The Bates method back in 1919. He did a lot of studies trying to find an all natural way to improve vision. Natural vision correction is based on the theory that tension and mental stress promote refractive errors. Bates believed if the eyes are relaxed and reconditioned vision will improve.

Bates believed that glasses promoted further deterioration of the eyes and prevented natural healing. Glasses put additional strain on the eyes. Therefore, Bates stopped prescribing glasses for his clients and started using his natural vision correction methods. Many of his patients confirmed that the “eye exercises” really worked and improved their vision.

The eye exercises that were used helped to train coordination and flexibility. Pinhole glasses where created on the basis of light travels in a straight line. These glasses are supposed to help focus sharper images on the retina. They strengthen the muscles and nerves in the brain and vision system to help see well. The pinhole glasses also help develop good vision habits.

Relaxed central vision is a key to natural eyesight improvement according to the Bates Method. However, natural vision correction is not recognized by the American Optometric Association. Accredited colleges and universities do not teach the Bates Method and it is not recognized in ophthalmology or optometry.

People that practice natural vision correction usually is not a licensed professional however; some licensed professionals may practice natural correction on the side. The plus side of this non-invasive, holistic method is that it is all natural and does not require corrective lenses or surgery. There are no risk in trying natural vision correction methods but do not be disappointed if it does not work.


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