Common Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

  • Common Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

It is pretty common knowledge that in order to build stronger, healthier muscles one must exercise their muscles in order to do so. However, did you ever think that your eyes are also muscles, and can benefit just as much from exercises? Here is a simple set of simple and effective eye exercises to improve vision, and strengthen weak eyes. I myself wear contacts and glasses. I became curious about these exercises, and decided to check them out. Here are my top six exercises that can be practiced daily in order to strengthen the eyes, and improve vision.

  1. The first step typically referred to as “palming”. With this exercise, you simply place the palms of your hands over both eyes so that no light shines through. Then the eyes are able to relax, and almost reset themselves in a way. Keep the palms there for at least a minute, then remove them to refreshed feeling eyes.
  2. A second equally simple exercise is take ten minutes breaks periodically during up close work done on a computer. While continuously focusing on a computer, your eyes become used to looking at the screen right in front of you, and it becomes slightly more difficult for them to focus on things that are further away. This exercise requires you to simply take a break for 10 minutes and focus on things that are further away from you, to help your eyes readjust to focusing on things in the distance as well as right in front of you.
  3. A third exercise can be practiced when your eyes are feeling tired and dry. Squeeze your eyes shut for 5 seconds at a time, and repeat this 5 times. This exercise allows your eyes to build up tears to moisten your dry eyes, helps to wake them up.
  4. The next exercise helps to build up the actual muscles of your eyes. Move your eyes in slow clockwise circles about 6 or 7 times, then repeat the process in counterclockwise circles. This helps to loosen up stiff feeling eyes, and builds up your ocular muscles.
  5. Massaging the eye area is also a very beneficial eye exercise. By lightly massaging the eye socket ridges, as well as your temples, you are allowing more blood flow to the eyes. This helps your eyes to receive more oxygen, which gives you clearer vision.
  6. A final step that must be taken in order to improve vision and strengthen your eyes involves proper nutrition. Just like a body builder needs protein to build strong muscles, your eyes also need the proper amounts of vitamins and nutrients to grow stronger and healthier.

Following these simple eye exercises will definitely give you stronger eyes, and help improve your vision. Trust me, your eyes will thank you for it.