Foods for Good Eyesight – What to Eat for Better Vision and Healthy Eyes

Foods for Good Eyesight – What to Eat for Better Vision and Healthy Eyes

The eye is one of the most mysterious organs of the human body. The medical community has yet to completely understand exactly how the eye functions, but what has been determined so far is there are several vitamins essential to the ability of sight. The best way to obtain these essential nutrients is through one’s diet. So you ask what should I eat to maintain good eyesight and healthy vision. The first thing is to determine which nutrients are most beneficial to the eye, and then address which foods to eat for good eyesight. Some of the most important vitamins essential to ocular function are vitamins A, C and the carotenoid lutein as well as zinc.

Lutein is a pigment and so, helps to filter UV rays and protect the eye from sun damage. That being said it is also one of the most difficult to include in a daily diet and usually doctors suggest taking a dietary supplement if necessary. However, lutein can be found in such foods as egg yolks and leafy greens such as Kale, Collard Greens and Spinach.

Vitamin A is important in healthy vision because it aids the cornea in protecting the eye. Vitamin A can be found in many foods such as liver (beef and chicken), and some cheeses, as well as from carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato to name a few.

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Vitamin C is thought to aid in healthy vision by helping to prevent cataracts and several other ailments related to the aging eye. This vitamin is one of the easiest to find through food and is especially high in oranges and other citrus fruits.

Zinc is thought to aid in the absorption of other vitamins and can therefore be included In the list of nutrients necessary for good vision and can be found in the following foods that are also high in proteins, like meat; more specifically chicken, turkey and beef.

So there are many foods for good eyesight and when considering what foods to eat to obtain vitamins for good eyesight, one might try to obtain as many of these nutrients as possible from the same food sources. For example leafy greens not only contain Vitamin A but also vitamin C, and egg yolks not only contain vitamin A but also zinc as well as lutein.