Patanol Eye Drops – A Review

Patanol Eye Drops – A Review

Patanol eye drops are a prescription eye drop that is given to treat patients eyes that are itchy, watery, or red due to allergies. This particular type of prescription eye drop is an antihistamine eye drop that when put into the eye, works by blocking the histamine reaction in the eye which causes the red, watery, itchy sensation in the eyes.

A review of Patanol gives a first hand experience with this product, stating how well it does or does not work at stopping the eye to itch and water and become red.

Reviewing Patanol eye drops show first, the packaging of this product. It comes in a small white dropper bottle measuring 2 1/2″ tall, with an attractive and clear blue and green label. The dropper bottle contains 5ml of Olopatadine Hydrochloride, in a 0.1% solution, which makes up Patanol.

The dropper bottle is very easy to use, just turning the bottle upside down and dropping one drop of solution into each eye. The drops should only be used in the eye, and if gotten onto the hands or other parts of the face the solution should be washed off. It can be used before an allergy attack to the eyes start, or can be dropped into eyes irritated. The solution is very gentle, and does not cause pain or burning in the eye. The product takes away almost instantly the itching, burning and red sensation of irritated eye due to allergies.

Side effects to be made aware of are a small amount of users report that while using this product, foods loose their taste or have a slightly different taste, but this side effect is temporary. It can also cause temporary headaches, runny nose or sore throat. A small amount of users also reported a temporary swelling of the eye lid, burning, blurred vision or further reddening of the eye. These are all short lived side effects that do not last long, and go away with time allowing the eye drops to work at controlling the eye problems associated with allergies.