Contact Lenses for Teens

Contact Lenses for Teens

Contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular amongst todays teenagers. This is because contact lenses offer users flexibility in lens material, wear schedule, and replacement schedule. They are an especially great option for teenagers who play contact sports.

One important consideration for teenagers to make before purchasing contacts is the type of lens they will use. Extended wear contacts allow users to wear their contacts overnight. Todays extended wear contacts are safer than earlier versions because they are disposable. Users can discard extended wear lenses every few days to prevent the accumulation of lipid, protein, and other harmful substances that lead to eye infections.


Teenagers with sensitive eyes and allergies may consider wearing daily disposable lenses. Daily disposable lenses are not meant to be worn overnight. They are discarded nightly and replaced by new lenses every morning. They require no care from users, making them a popular choice for teenagers.

Some teenagers wear traditional contact lenses that follow a monthly, quarterly, or yearly replacement schedule. Teenagers who select this option must clean their contacts on a nightly basis and keep them in a safe place, as the lenses are not as easily replaced as daily disposables. Traditional lenses remain a popular choice because they are cheaper than daily disposable and extended wear contacts.

Specialty lenses like colored contact lenses are also gaining popularity in the teenage market. They can be prescribed for users who have astigmatism or who need bifocals. It is important for teenagers to consult with an eye care practitioner before purchasing colored contacts. Contact lenses are considered a medical device, and U.S. Law requires all colored contact users to have a medical prescription. Purchasing colored contacts at retail stores and beauty salons is unsafe. It increases the risk of blindness or other eye injuries.