Do You See What I See? Discover if Progressive Reading Glasses are Right for You

Do You See What I See? Discover if Progressive Reading Glasses are Right for You

Presbyopia is a common condition in which the eye loses its ability to focus. It is also one of the biggest kicks in the head that we must deal with as we get older. One minute we are 20 years old and reading the teeny-tiny print on the back of a Tylenol bottle from a few inches away from our face and the next minute, we’re checking E-Bay for a longer arm because we can no longer see close up. The realization that glasses are necessary can no longer be denied.

For those people who do not already wear glasses, this can be easily remedied with the purchase of a cheap pair of reading glasses that can be found at the dollar store or at the end of the grocery store check-out aisle.


But what about the many that already wear glasses for distance, but cannot see close up? Is a second pair of glasses always warranted?

Progressive reading glasses were designed with just such a person in mind. Years ago, bifocals which had that obvious line across the lens was the best that optometry had to offer, but today, progressive lenses are line-less and no one will be any the wiser as to what type of glasses you are wearing on your face.

The top of progressive lenses are perscripted for distance, the middle is for intermediate or computer distance and the bottom portion of the lens are designed for reading. When you put on your first pair of progressive reading glasses, you may find that they take a little getting used to. Practice tilting your head back and forth and left and right until you become acquainted with how to best use your progressive lenses.

Talk to your optometrist today and find out if progressive reading glasses are right for you.