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Laser Eye Surgery Pros and Cons

Laser Eye Surgery Pros and Cons

If your optometrist has diagnosed you with vision problems such as myopia, astigmatism, or hyperopia then you might want to consider having laser eye surgery. Basically this type of surgery realigns the retina with the cornea. During the last few years laser eye surgery has advanced to such a degree that the procedure has become very common. This has helped to reduce the cost of the procedure although there can still be major differences in cost from one doctor to another.

There are a number of pros and cons when we consider laser eye surgery. Some people dislike wearing glasses and they refuse to wear contact lenses. If they are candidates for this surgery then their problem will be solved in a matter of minutes and their vision can be greatly improved.

Although laser eye surgery can be somewhat expensive it is often partially covered by insurance. On the other hand the cost of this surgery is a one-time only expense. If you consider the amount of money you will pay for glasses, or contacts, then this actually can be subtracted from the overall cost of the surgery and over the years this might pay for the procedure.

One of the concerns about laser eye surgery is the fact that it must be so precise. If the eye surgeon makes the slightest of errors it can cause permanent vision problems. One of the results from an eye surgery gone wrong is double vision; however, this problem often disappears on its own. If it does not then additional surgery can remedy the problem. The surgery can also result in what is called “dry eyes” or eye infections. These issues can also be solved by using eye drops or other medication. It is reported that one in six people who undergo laser surgery results in some type of eyesight issues. These include multiple vision, distortions of vision, and, as previously mentioned, double vision.

The risks involved in laser eye surgery are reduced with each passing year. This is due to the modern technology as well as the skill of the doctor. Many people see their vision improve to 20/20 without ever needing to wear glasses or contacts again. The other five out of six people generally come out of the procedure successfully. In the following days they immediately enjoy the experience of being able to see things clearly that they had not be able to do for many years. However, every candidate for the surgery should give it careful consideration and discuss the procedure, in detail, with their doctor.


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