Is it Possible to Get Free Cataract Surgery?

Is it Possible to Get Free Cataract Surgery?

Approximately half of all Americans will develop cataracts as they age. The symptoms appear gradually and may include blurring, haziness, clouded vision, poor night vision, and frequent but ineffective changes to prescription lenses. If your vision has been deteriorating due to cataracts and you are worried about paying for the surgery, there is good news. Many people can qualify for free cataract surgery performed by qualified surgeons for free and at no out-of-pocket cost.

Nationwide, there are many medical healthcare professionals who will perform cataract-related surgery for free on older patients who have delayed the procedure because of worries about the cost. These doctors are able to perform cataract-related services at absolutely no cost to many individuals who need their help. You may be able to receive a comprehensive eye exam, cataract testing, eye glass prescriptions, and conventional or laser eye surgery, plus the necessary post-operative care, at no cost to you.

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If you do not have insurance and do not have the ability to pay, there are doctors who will donate their services to ensure that you receive the needed care and retain or recover your precious eyesight. If you have Medicare, or Medicare and supplemental insurance, the physician or clinic will bill Medicare and your supplemental provider, and there will be no additional charges for you to cover.

Is it possible to get free cataract surgery? The answer is a resounding “yes”. Instead of worrying, take action today to improve your vision. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if they know of a local program for seniors who can’t afford to pay for cataract surgery.